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15-04-2018 05:41:55

EDMONTON Authentic Jake Dotchin Jersey , Canada, June 19 (Xinhua) -- The world No. 53rd Cameroon are the lowest-ranked team among the 16 contenders remaining at the 2015 Canada Women's World Cup, but they are capable to produce the biggest surprise in the tournament.

The match between China and Cameroon in the top 16 round on Sunday here is promosed to be one of the most-watched games as China, one of the best defensive teams, try to stop one of the best attacking teams.

As the only African team left in the tournament, Cameroon surprised the world with their high-rated matches by crushing Ecuador 6-0 and defeeating Switzerland 2-1 Authentic Braydon Coburn Jersey , only losing 2-1 to the defending champions Japan in the group stage.

Cameroon shot 61 times in three matches, including 20 shots against Japan, and are ranked second only behind Germany after the preliminary round.

Adopting tactical of 4-2-1-3, Cameroon are abundant with quality forwards like Gaelle Enganamouit, Gabrielle Onguene and Ngono Mani.

Top scorer Enganamouit, who scored three and assisted one Authentic Yanni Gourde Jersey , is the most aggressive forward in the tournament, shooting 20 times in three matches to rank first in all players of 24 teams.

The 23-year-old Eskilstuna United star played left, center and right respectively in three matches, scoring a hat-trick against Ecuador, and winning the love of fans with her powerful charge and brave drive.

The 153-cm high Onguene is the best partner with Enganamouit in the front as she scored twice and assisted twice to produce the most energy.

While the 31-year-old Mani, who scored 40 goals for Cameroon Authentic Ryan Callahan Jersey , scored twice with only six shots as a substitute to provide the efficiency and experience to the attacking trio.

China know the best chance to stop Cameroon's forwards is to defence, which is the best weapon for them.

Losing 1-0 to Canada, beating the Netherlands 1-0 and drawing 2-2 with New Zealand, China advanced with a well-balanced squad and much steady tactical of 4-2-3-1.

"We will not play one-on-one with them. Cameroon played physical games and every member of the team could drive and attack," China's center defender Zhao Rong said after Friday's practice. "But I don't think they are a team of discipline and we'll beat them with our well-organized defence."

None of the Chinese girls consider Cameroon as a low-key opponent.

"We spent lots of time to watch the video of Cameroon. We have never played them but we knew it's a good team," right back Han Peng said. "I think China is a better team and football is a team work sport."

"We are not here to have fun. We want to win Authentic Brayden Point Jersey , and this is the game we always want," Han added.

With summer ending, more and more men are heading back to college and starting (or resuming) campus life. For those living in dorms, this may well mean spending a lot of time with other guys, and that could possibly have some implications for their manhood health, specifically in the area of jock itch. Because the truth is Authentic Ondrej Palat Jersey , wherever you have a big gathering of guys living together – even in coed dorms in which there is a significant female presence – there’s likely to be an increased risk of jock itch.
What it is
Sure, almost every guy has heard of jock itch, and most have likely experienced it at some time or another. But lots of men don’t know exactly what it is. Let’s take care of that right now.
Jock itch is the common name given to the condition known as tinea cruris, which is a kind of ringworm. But don’t get nervous – ringworm is not actually a worm at all. Instead, it’s a fungal infection, which presents as an oval-ish patch with a red color. The outer edge of the patch is usually redder and bumpier than the interior. Sometimes it presents as just one patch Authentic Alex Killorn Jersey , sometimes as many patches, like a rash. Not surprisingly, jock itch really does itch. A lot.
Jock itch is typically located on or around the member and sacks. Sometimes it can be found on the thighs, and sometimes on the buttocks.
Despite the name, a guy doesn’t have to be an athlete to get jock itch, although people who hang out in gyms are more likely to get it. That’s because fungi thrive in places that are hot and humid Authentic Chris Kunitz Jersey , like a gym, locker room – or like a college dorm bathroom. The fungus that causes jock itch is easily spread through skin-on-skin contact, as well as contact with contaminated areas (such as shower room floors) or towels and clothing used by guys with jock itch.
On campus
Because guys living (and showering) in close proximity to each other make it easy for jock itch to thrive and spread, a college campus is a hotbed for tinea cruris. That is why students should take precautions, such as:
- Protecting the feet. Walking barefoot around a dorm or bathroom leaves the foot vulnerable to picking up the fungus that creates athlete’s foot – which can in turn create jock itch. Wearing flip flops or waterproof slippers in common areas is advised.
- Don’t share towels. Unless a towel has been freshly laundered, don’t borrow one from a roomie or pal. If he has jock itch and has dried his equipment with it Authentic Tyler Johnson Jersey , the towel can transmit it to an unwitting user.
- Or razors. Manscaping is in, but borrowing another dude’s razor for the purpose is out. Again, if he has ringworm and already shaved his junk, it’s a bad idea to let that razor near anyone else’s member.
- Or underwear. This really should go without saying, but borrowing a bro’s boxers or briefs is just not hygienically safe. Even if he doesn’t have jock itch, it’s best to keep another guy’s underwear at a safe distance.
- Stick with personal soap – and other things. By the same token Authentic Anton Stralman Jersey , sharing soap is a good way to share fungus. And the same goes for more personal items, such as lube and sensual toys like member .