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A: hey! Have you started your RM thesis?
B: no Wholesale Damien Wilson Jersey , not yet! And you?
A: me neithe
All the possible topics you can get to choose from?
You surely are having a broad smile on your face now, aren
Relationship marketing dissertation will be based on the ways a firm can create affiliations with its products. You will research in the ways in which you can increase the ways your customer can become more loyal to you. Your research can include any of the following themes:
Communication marketing (CM) itself is a very diverse subject and can be divided into different categories:
- Branding
- Online advertising
- Consumer psychology
- Advertising in different cultures
- Ethics of advertising
- Dissemination of ideas
- Customer affiliation advertising, etc.
You could select the category of your interest in which you can research easily. I also have some topic suggestions for you.
You can either select from the following or come up with your own:
1. Influence of background music in hotels.
2. Effect of branding on consumer buying behavior
3. How to improve advertisement strategies to communicate better with the public?
4. Influence of advertising on cheap airlines in the market
5. Why are banners ineffective? How can they be made more effective?
6. A case study of Marks and Spencer
7. What effect does exploitation in advertisements have on advertising?
8. What is niche advertising?
9. Can children become target audience?
10. Is tobacco promotion responsible for smoking in children?
11. Is film advertising of brands effective?
12. How do international firms market their products?
13. Is online advertising effective? How do firms gain customer trust and loyalty by internet advertising?
14. Why do customers look for products online?
15. CM and the role played by social advertising.
16. The extension of CM tools and their administration within different contexts
17. Designing more effective ways of CM and their implementation in different fields
18. The importance of creative thinking skills, and the ability to find creative solutions to problems
19. Understanding different channels of CM and their development
More interesting ideas:
Customers are a source of profit for the company. So you will have to give the reader a full understanding of how a company attracts more customers and ways of retaining them. You can discuss how CM plays a role here and how does it manage affiliations.
Furthermore, there are several markets that are associated with the markets:
- internal markets
- supplier markets
- recruitment markets
- referral markets
- influence markets
- customer markets
You could also develop the theme of your extended essay on the various markets.
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