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This extract of the mushroom phellinus linteus

SHANGHAI Casey Cizikas Jersey , July 17 (Xinhua) -- China claimed one more gold at the FINA Diving World Cup as Olympic champion Chen Ruolin and her partner Liu Huixia won the women's 10-meter platform synchro title here on Thursday.

Two-time Olympic champion Chen and newly crowned world champion Liu dominated the final with 357.66 points, 21 points than the second-placed Leong Mun YeeCheong Jun Hoong from Malaysia, who started to pair up just a few days ago. Canadian Meaghan BenfeitoRoseline Filion took third in 335.25.

"In terms of synchronization, we were better today than in training," said Chen Adam Pelech Jersey , also the defending champion of the event. "But I still need to improve my own performance."

Chen will skip the single event at the World Cup due to her injuries. "I got injured earlier and I need time to recover," she said. "The pressure was less in synchro event."

The newly paired Malaysian duo were happy with their silver. "Her partner was injured so I just took her place a few days ago," said Cheong. "We are very happy to win a medal here."

The silver medallists were only 1.41 points more than the third-placed Canadian pair.

"We performed very well and we are really happy. We hoped we can do better than we did in the morning as it was a warm-up, and we did it," said Benfeito. "It was a really close competition and we are satisfied with the result."

If you are feeling bored Calvin De Haan Jersey , listless, and out of shape, you need a new past time. Sports activities will get your blood pumping and help you get back into shape.

Not only will you be getting good exercise but you will be starting a valuable family past time. Sports activities are a great way to spend time with your kids. So get up off the couch, put down that soda, and get out in the yard for a little touch football.

If touch football is not for you Jaroslav Halak Jersey , why not play a little kickballsoccer baseball with your kids. Set up a diamond similar to a baseball diamond. Now, the pitcher rolls a large soft ball, like a playground ball or soccer ball, on the ground to the "batter." Only in kickball, the batter kicks the ball and runs to first base. Since the ball is soft Brock Nelson Jersey , the fielding team can throw the ball at the runner to get him out. Since the kicker will almost always manage to kick the ball and foul balls are rare, this is a classic game to play with young kids and others who are not very athletic.

A fun family game that makes a good pastime sports activity is tetherball. This rousing game can be played with one or two people. Tetherball is called that because the ball is on a tether - it is on a rope tied at the top of a pole. The ball hangs about hand level. The object is to hit the ball and make the rope wrap around the pole. The two players attempt to make the ball go different directions. If you have never played tetherball, you should give it a try. It is really fun...And it really gets you moving! (and laughing!)

Sand volleyball may have started on the beaches, but many towns are now installing sand volleyball courts in their public parks. The smaller kids can sit in a safe place and play with their sand toys while Mom, Dad Anders Lee Jersey , and the older kids hit a beach ball or volleyball back and forth over a net. The sand feels good on bare feet (but not so good inside your shoes!) The kids will enjoy this pastime sport.

A cross between volleyball and tennis that many families enjoy is badminton. In this game, the object is to use lightweight rackets to volley a "birdie" back and forth over a net. The birdie looks like a little plastic funnel attached to a firm rubber ball. You hold the birdie by the plastic and drop it onto your racket to serve to the other team. Badminton moves slower than tennis and is a leisurely way to get moving with the kids. You'll get some exercisethough!

Kids are naturally energetic and active, making pastime sports activities extremely attractive to them. Since parents need to be spending more quality time with their kids, as well as needing to get more exercise too, these vigorous games are a good idea for everyone. Some say that the family that plays together stays together. This could be so Cal Clutterbuck Jersey , since exercise gets positive hormones flowing in your mind, putting you and everyone else in a better mood. Don't get so competitive that your family pastime sports cease to be fun. Just volley that ball or birdie for fun and exercise.

To Your Immediate and Lasting Family Fun!

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