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Do you know that with all the Hi-Tech available today Joshua Kimmich World Cup Jersey , we still do not have a scientific proof of what gravity is all about?

Could both Einstein and Newton got it half-way wrong about gravity and we are stuck with their theories because academic institutions had nothing else to offer?

I consider myself as another Faraday.

It was in the year of 1990 when I first came round to write the definition of my theory on gravity.

Since then, my studies focused on viewing the National Geographic and Discovery TV channels while challenging my own theory as years went by. In the meantime, I continued my research work which included several experiments, pushing me one step forward every time.

Achieving levitation and harnessing gravitational forces are the central issues on my mind. But I cannot tease myself anymore and remain a one-man band.

I feel the need to share.

So Jonas Hector World Cup Jersey , here is my theory (in a nutshell), hoping to attract as many bees as possible.

Let?s start with the earth?s core.

This creates a huge electromagnetic field, where as we all know, produces the North and South Poles. This electromagnetic field also produces electrical fields and in turn Jerome Boateng World Cup Jersey , electrical charges are formed which create electrical forces.

This is what gravity is all about: Electrically Charged Forces - ECF

Now, let us assume that earth is like a gigantic sphere capacitor. The earth?s core with its nuclear generator keeps our planet (huge capacitor) charged. The crust consists of three layers: an outer layer that is charged (+) positive; a mantel (middle) which serves as a dielectric; and an inner layer charged ' negative.

It is a fact that positive and negative charges attract each other. Newton?s apple was attracted towards the inner ' negative layer and NOT to the center of the earth as it is universally passed on to us.

Looking through this perspective it was not only the inner layer that pulled the apple but the attraction of two bodies which are the inner layer and the apple as being part of the outer layer - in other words, the attraction of two opposite ECF.

So, one can conclude that gravity as we know it Ilkay Gundogan World Cup Jersey , does not exist because according to conventional science, the force of gravity always attracts - never repels, and it is mostly associated with forces towards the centre of the planet. I believe this is the misleading part which makes gravitational forces still a phenomenon.

My conclusion stands, that the earth?s outer crust layer is attracted towards the inner crust layer and vice versa Emre Can World Cup Jersey , whereas the ECF can now act as an attraction or repulsion.

This might be the key to open new horizons, and for scientists to rethink gravity. It will also open the possibilities for ?Levitation? and ?Perpetual Motion?.

Traveling in outer space without the scientific knowledge of what gravity really is about is like a fish trying to swim on dry land.

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