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Chen Ze'en Chris Paul Kids Jersey , 26, keeps bees in a small village in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region for around a year. Photo: Xinhua
The career that Chen Ze'en, 26, had chosen to pursue not only changed his own life but also those residents of a remote village in one of the poorest parts of China.

Chen has been keeping bees in a small village in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region for around a year.

This summer, the size of his swarm has increased to about 200 hives. He expects to harvest two tons of honey and sell it for 300 Ryan Anderson Youth Jersey ,000 yuan ($45,000).

The village is home to a local species of bee that produces sweet, pure honey. But without proper technology and investment, the business was barely viable. Chen brought new beekeeping techniques and a modern business model to the area that villagers found "a bit strange but smart."

"The village has a very good natural environment, free of any industrial pollution. I am trying to highlight the clean and organic nature of our product Eric Gordon Youth Jersey ," Chen said. He is now registering a company and brand name.

"I am also thinking of developing new honey products, for instance, honey wine," he said.

Chen's apiary has inspired villagers and he does not hesitate to share his knowledge. About 100 people now profit from the beekeeping business.

Having set the goal of raising the annual incomes of about 55 million of the country's poorest people to over 2,800 yuan by 2020 Trevor Ariza Youth Jersey , China values young people like Chen and has high expectations for what they can bring to remote villages.

For around a decade, college graduates have been hired to work as village officials on a large scale. These young officials are now a force to mobilize rural people themselves in the fight against poverty.

In Southwest China's Sichuan Province, a government program supports young officials' startup projects, including growing local specialties and selling farm produce online.

South China's Guangdong Province has focused on encouraging young people to stay at home. Agricultural technicians are invited to teach them the latest farming skills and financial assistance is given to new businesses.

Down to the countryside

A more traditional way for young people to help their less well-off fellow citizens is for college students to volunteer to teach in rural schools for a few years.

Li Xingjian attended Beijing's Renmin University of China and taught at a rural middle school in Sichuan in 2014 when he was a graduate student.

Many of Li's charges were "left-behind children," living with relatives Hakeem Olajuwon Youth Jersey , often their grandparents, while their parents work in cities. Among several hundred students, only a dozen or so went to institution each year and usually to small colleges with inadequate teaching resources.

"Compared with what I taught them, simply my being there was more helpful. I felt like a window through which they got a glimpse of an unknown outside world," he said.

Li's students found someone they could look up to. "One of my students wrote me an 18-page letter James Harden Youth Jersey , telling me that I was the first person to praise him and give him a present in his 17 years of life. He said I gave him hope," Li said.

Although these programs aim to help needy people in rural areas, those who offer help benefit as well. Many volunteers were inspired by their experiences when choosing their careers.

Since 2012, Renmin University has sent about 1,000 students to villages for a short program every summer. Lu Xiaotong Chris Paul Youth Jersey , from Central China's Hunan Province, took part twice.

"Before visiting the village in my home province, I thought that I knew rural China quite well," she said. Instead, the grinding poverty shocked her and she witnessed how one simple project Ryan Anderson Womens Jersey , such as building a paved road, could change the lives of everyone.

"The experience gave me a sense of responsibility and motivation. I found myself pondering what I could do to actually help," Lu said.

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