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Try rubber stamping a faded image randomly

The element of age in rubber stamping projects adds dimension Cheap Nathan MacKinnon Shirt , zest and your own unique sparkle when you are looking for something new and distinctive. Aging (also known as distressing) your rubber stamping creations can be done simply and inexpensively with common household items. In this article you will learn how to use things like sandpaper, ink pads, candles Cheap Matt Duchene Shirt , scissors, and glue to enhance your rubber stamping projects with age. Use these techniques on their own or in combination with one anther to achieve different distressing results.

First, before you distress your paper Cheap Matt Nieto Jersey , do a layout of the card or page you wish to create. With everything cut to size you are ready to age your rubber stamping project. You may wish to stamp any rubber stamping images where you desire them before you distress. Keep in mind it will depend on the project as to whether to do your rubber stamping before or after the aging techniques.

Heavy colored paper with a white core shows this technique well. Using medium rough sandpaper or a sanding block, lightly sand the edges of the paper you wish to rubber stamp on. Sand all other edges where you wish to have an aged look.

Using a dye based or pigment ink ? these are your rubber stamping ink pads ? brush the ink pad across the edges of your paper. Hold the ink pad at a 45? or smaller angle as you do this. The smaller the angle the more ink you will see around the edges. You may wish to use the same color that you are rubber stamping with.

Try rubber stamping a faded image randomly over lightweight paper. Crumple into a ball and smooth out. At this point you may wish to do some inking over the uneven surface you have created. Complete your rubber stamping project as planned.

For this technique be sure to do your rubber stamping first. Tear somewhat unevenly through the image in a couple of places. Ink the edges. Put the image back together on a solid background. This will give the rubber stamping image the look of being broken or cracked. You may wish to run a bead of white glue on the seams.

For this method, be sure you practice first. Do not use your finished rubber stamping images on your first attempt. Using a candle Cheap Nail Yakupov Jersey , hold your paper horizontally above the flame, high enough that it does not catch fire, hold in this position just until it begins to smoke. Burn edges as desired. Complete your rubber stamping project once the desired effect is achieved.

Using your scissors as you would to curl curly ribbon Cheap J.T. Compher Jersey , gently curl the corners of your rubber stamping images. Once the desired effect is achieved, complete the rubber stamping creation.

Using heavy paper, fold randomly Cheap Carl Soderberg Jersey , sand the folded edge, ink, and unfold. Do this repeatedly until the desired effect is achieved. You may want to do some rubber stamping before unfolding. At this point Cheap Blake Comeau Jersey , smooth out the paper and emboss your rubber stamping image in a contrasting color in the center.

Rubber stamping is a fun and creative hobby. Whether distressing with ink, flame, water Cheap Alexander Kerfoot Jersey , crumpling, tearing or folding, rubber stamping projects can be enhanced in many exciting and different ways.

To view pictures of each of these techniques go to:
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Susan has been making things with paper since the time she was small. She takes particular delight in stamping and designing new card layouts with her results. Susan also enjoys learning new things and often comes up with new ideas as a result of the things she has learned. Susan?s card layouts and ideas can be seen by visiting www.clearlyrubberstampingcard_making_idea_pages

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